Invitation to the counselling

We suffer from various types of distress. It could be an anxiety, irritation, anger, loss of confidence and motivation, and may also well show as a physical suffering. Or, even though there is not a particular problem in the daily life, some people may feel somewhat unsatisfied and wanting to explore the meaning of life.

It is not easy to find the reason of one’s own distress/problem by oneself, because it is usually a blind spot which hinders the healing process that we all originally possess. Psychological counselling is a joint work between client and therapist, aiming to release the person from the hindrance factors and become a more authentic self.  

I am a senior candidate in C.G. Jung Institute in Copenhagen and my counselling is based on the Jungian psychotherapy. In the Jungian psychotherapy, we focus not only on the conscious part of the mind but also on the unknown part (the unconscious) to understand yet hidden potentials of the person. To understand the unconscious, I carefully deal with the images appearing in dreams.

I offer one trial session for free. If you are interested in, please write me via the “Contact” form in the menu. I am very serious in maintaining the individual’s confidentiality, so feel free to talk about anything coming to your mind.

Naomi Geshi Jensen

Rødovre, Denmark


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